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17 12 2012

AtHomeHeader_EducatorVersionAs a licensed Kindermusik educator, there is nothing I love more than hearing about your favorite songs and how the magic of Kindermusik doesn’t stop when we sing that last good-bye or give a final hug.

Families tell me every day how they use our music and activities to connect throughout the week. We already know that parents embed Kindermusik into their daily routines and rituals from bath time to bedtime from doctor visits to grocery shopping—the same songs and activities from class can make every moment a learning one and create lasting memories. Anyone else sing the Kindermusik song every time you put your toys away or host an impromptu dance party to your favorite CD on a rainy day?

Parenting just got easier – in class and at home!

Through the newest research and technology, Kindermusik makes sure parents receive the educational tools they need to tap into the power of music to help make parenting easier and support their role as a child’s first and most important teacher. That’s why enrollment in every Kindermusik class includes music and age-appropriate activities for families to use together at home where a child learns best.

Now, with Kindermusik@Home you can easily access your favorite Kindermusik songs, activities, books and lyrics—as well as recipes, learning games for kids, crafts, and more in a green-friendly digital format any time from your smart phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, or computer.

See for yourself!

Kindermusik@Home educational activities for children include:

  • Music downloads: songs, rhymes, stories and sounds from class
  • Literature book in e-book format
  • Activity buttons lead to a variety of different activity types such as:
    • dance and movement activities
    • fingerplay demonstrations
    • together-in-the-kitchen activities
    • music time
    • focused listening games
    • video field trips
    • find-it/count-it style activities
    • ideas for pretend or imaginative play
    • and more!
  • The Why It’s Good for Your Child area provides parents with the educational insight behind the activities.
  • Download Center provides Printable Activity Pages and, Printable Lyrics Pages for all of the songs.

Tell me more!

I think you will find Kindermusik@Home easy for you. Good for your little one. Fun for all! Ask me how you can access the benefits of Kindermusik@Home today.





My MUM teaches me how to sing!

15 06 2012

Some families are not able to bring their kids to singing lessons or music lessons. This may be for many reasons such as lack of time, the singing teacher is too far away or financial.


There are many ways that you can help your child develop their singing voice.  

Here are just a few:

  • Watch youTube channels about singing

Vocal Mastery

  • Check out online courses

Berklee online classroom

Berklee sample course

  • Download Applications on iTunes – one you can get for free from MY vocal coach Leigh McRea – Vocal Mastery
  • Purchase singing lessons tracks or albums via iTunes
  • Follow One Voice school of singing page on Facebook for Vocal tips

So…. if you do teach your child or you teach yourself the main tip is that singing should feel comfortable.  If you are straining stop.  That’s when a Vocal teacher comes in handy.  She or He would be able to see why you are straining and give you tips on how to avoid the Vocal strain.  

I would love to know how you teach yourself how to sing? If you liked this post like it and share it. 

Please comment below and share some sites.


Musically yours Tina 🙂


7 06 2011

My four- year old boy hands me his palm so I can teach him to sing a traditional Filipino nursery rhyme that is very similar to “Round and round the garden.”  I had introduced it to him when he was one month of age.

Even at this age the anticipation of the tickle always brings a big smile to our faces.  The big old tickle giggle never disappoints!  That night he asked his Lola (Grandma in Tagalog) to teach him the song.  Experiences such as these melt my heart.

“I remember your Lola’s dad singing it to me when I was your age.”  I tell Christian.   Then I reminisce my childhood memories with him.  Which led to questions like “Where is Lola’s dad now? “ and “What does heaven look like?”

All these thoughts, feelings, emotions, analysis, disciplined think and attending all from a simple song.  Even at this young age a song can touch our deepest emotion and extend a range of feeling.

From this simple song we share a bond, a sense of community.

Not only does it help emotionally, cognitively but also physically.  As he circles his pointer finger on my palm he is developing his fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and at the same time he is learning patterns in language.

Many people ask me “When is a good time for my child to learn music.”

I always say that even while your child is in the womb and from birth surround yourself and your baby with music.

Hans Christian Andersen sums it all up “Where words fail, music speaks”

Tap and rock your baby to the steady beat so they learn to internalize it within their bodies.  This will in turn help with the ability to walk, bounce balls, cut with scissors.


Here are some ways to help integrate music into your child’s life.

  • Join a structured musical learning class with your child
  • Listen to a variety of quality recorded music at home and while running errands in the car
  • Sing familiar songs or make up your own songs while you play or when working around the house.
  • Take time to listen to all the interesting sounds in your environment – imitate nature sounds while out for a walk.
  • Explore sounds with homemade instruments like pots and pans, spoons, and shakers
  • Create family music making opportunities in which everyone plays along.  Include all your talents from playing the spoons to folk instruments to gathering around the piano.
  • Dance to music from the radio, television, or any other source you enjoy.
  • Use simple props such as scarves, balls and hoops to play movement games.  Add a favourite song.
  • Make music part of your child’s bedtime routine or any routine (bathing, cooking, cleaning) – lullabies are particularly
  • Soothing and calming and provide a time for parent and child bonding.


The bottom line is music and dance – within a fun, loving and nurturing environment – can bring a life long happiness and warm memories in your child’s life.  What a wonderful start to life!

Hello weather Week 8

28 03 2011

“There was an old man named…” How many of you remember this favorite childhood song?  Your children and I had lots of fun singing Michael Finnigan while reading the book.  At home, read your own copy of Michael Finnigan and come up with a new wind sound for every page!


Also, be prepared to enjoy lots of laughter while reading!  Children’s humor is “dependent on the ability of the child to pretend and to have a playful orientation toward the situation…[C]hildren delight in conceptual incongruity, the invention of new words and the production of nonsense sounds.”* I know you will want to encourage the development of your child’s sense of humor and you’ll find that this humorous book to sing provides a perfect opportunity to tap into it.  With laughter,


Tina :0)

*Guiding Children’s Social Development, by Kostelnik, Stein, Whiren and Soderman, pp. 186-7.


28 02 2011

logo-village-rhythm-of-my-dayThe Rhythm of My Day
This class will help you bring more rhythm and routine to your baby’s day, as well as help develop lasting learning skills. We’ll show you how and tell you why music can help your little one soothe into the day’s schedule and help build a strong body and mind network for learning. You can bring home those same stress-free play and relaxation techniques from class, and incorporate them into your daily routines.
Home Materials:CD of beautifully arranged songs from class, The Rhythm of My Day—a  colorful picture board book with class themes, a set of Art Banners, and an instrument for music-making at home.

Starting date:

Monday 4th April 2011- end 13th June 2011 – 11am  – Castle Hill – Castle Grand community centre

Wednesday 6th April 2011 – end 15th June 2011 –   11am – Rouse Hill – Rouse Hill town centre community centre

Thursday 7th April 2011 – end 16th June 2011-  1pm – Castle Hill – Castle Grand community centre

The total cost is $165.00 at the Earlybird rate if you pay by the 28th of March 2011 (normally $185), which includes all the tuition for 8 classes, plus all the materials (CD, Children’s card book, posters to match, Baby’s Home Journal, as well as other handouts).

Method of payment:



Please make cheques payable to Christina Bangel

Electronic transfer

Bank: Westpac Name: Mrs Christina Maria Bangel BSB: 732-003 Acct: 54-0233

Please email receipt of transfer details to


Milk and Cookies Week 4 & 5

28 02 2011
Hi Our time families;
It is a joy to watch the children’s faces as they recognize and sing familiar songs.  Through the weeks, we will repeat many songs and chants as well as learn new ones.  Repetition is an extremely important learning tool for the toddler, and that is one of the reasons we repeat and repeat and repeat in class!
The Muffin Man is a very familiar song – and an easy one to sing!  Enjoy singing this song over and over with your child.  On page 13 of your Home Activity Book, you will find new ways to sing the song.  And of course, you may use your own imaginations to come up with even more variations.  Happy singing!
Most experts agree that the child’s emotional development is dependent upon the care received at an early age and that the parts of the brain responsible for emotional growth are very sensitive to parental feedback and handling.  Kindermusik offers a wonderful opportunity for you to be a vital part of your child’s maturation.  Singing, laughing, playing and dancing together all can be a part of your relationship.
We will begin some new songs next week, but at home, continue to delight in singing together favorites from these past few weeks.  Sing Bells Are Ringing, laugh as you wiggle to Washing Machine, play “grocery store” as you chant The Grocery Store, and dance high and low while listening to Great Big House. I’ll see you next week.

One Voice school of Singing “Beyond the Seas” Flyer

16 11 2010

Please support our Budding performers!

Here is a link to an article featured in The Australian Filipina if you would like more information about the concert.

For Ticket details please visit the Sydney Opera house box office:

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