My MUM teaches me how to sing!

15 06 2012

Some families are not able to bring their kids to singing lessons or music lessons. This may be for many reasons such as lack of time, the singing teacher is too far away or financial.


There are many ways that you can help your child develop their singing voice.  

Here are just a few:

  • Watch youTube channels about singing

Vocal Mastery

  • Check out online courses

Berklee online classroom

Berklee sample course

  • Download Applications on iTunes – one you can get for free from MY vocal coach Leigh McRea – Vocal Mastery
  • Purchase singing lessons tracks or albums via iTunes
  • Follow One Voice school of singing page on Facebook for Vocal tips

So…. if you do teach your child or you teach yourself the main tip is that singing should feel comfortable.  If you are straining stop.  That’s when a Vocal teacher comes in handy.  She or He would be able to see why you are straining and give you tips on how to avoid the Vocal strain.  

I would love to know how you teach yourself how to sing? If you liked this post like it and share it. 

Please comment below and share some sites.


Musically yours Tina 🙂



24 09 2010
Oprah Winfrey Show title card

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It’s now 4.30am here and I have been up since 2am after my little one had a wee little accident…

So after getting him settled back to sleep I was left with thoughts and lists in my head of what I need to do for the One Voice end of year concert which is to  be held at the Opera house this 12th of December …a few days before Oprah films her show on the forecourt of the  Sydney “OPRAH HOUSE”.

I was trying to get inspiration from youtube footages of Choirs when I came across PS22 Chorus. They just brought a smile to my face seeing them enjoying themselves. Not only do they sound great but you can really feel their love for singing.

Sometimes as a teacher/educator/mum I can be so caught up with the end result that I forget to have fun along the way…

This quote from Bonnie Hunt in a message to the PS22 Chorus sums it all up for me.

“You inspire me…. I’m learning so much from you — to be free….”
— Bonnie Hunt

Check out  the wonderful PS22 choir and their inspiring teacher Mr. B!

That’s right! FREE….

So when Christian and the family wake up this morning,  I’m going to put his favourite song on (I gotta feeling by the Black eyed peas) and we are going to dance like nobody’s watching!

Tell me …what will you do?:0)

Musically yours Tina

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